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Cooling Systems and Products

Over the past 20 years, Cooling Technology has provided innovative solutions to some of the most challenging industrial process cooling problems, delighting more than 2000 customers.  As a full-service cooling technology company, Cooling Technology designs, manufactures and services a wide range of products— from standard units to custom systems including:

Compact Chillers: Air-Cooled
From 1 to 40 tons, Cooling Technology compact chillers are ideal for environments in which physical space is at a premium, or for small-scale process cooling applications in the plastics, pharmaceutical, chemical processing and metal finishing industries.

Compact Chillers: Water-Cooled
Designed for indoor location, Cooling Technology compact water-cooled chillers come complete with an integrated pump/tank. Attractive metal panels reduce sound levels while the recessed quarter-turn latches and swivel casters allow easy maintenance.  

Central Chillers: Air-Cooled
From under 10 to over 200 tons and with an operating range from -30°F to +65°F, Cooling Technology central air-cooled chillers are built to command any industrial process cooling application – from chemical processing and injection molding to metal finishing.

Central Chillers: Water-Cooled
From 20 to 400 tons and available for indoor or outdoor location, Cooling Technology central water-cooled chillers feature a remote water-cooled shell & tube condenser and are flexible enough to accommodate either an integrated or a remote pump/tank..

Central Chillers: Evaporative-Cooled
From 50 to 400 tons and designed for outdoor location, Cooling Technology evaporative-cooled central chillers consume 25% to 40% less energy, providing the lowest total cost of ownership of any chiller type available.

Dry Fluid Coolers
A completely sealed system—requiring no make-up water or expensive chemical treatment —and available from 10,000 BTUs per hour to over 6 million BTUs per hour, Cooling Technology Dry Fluid Coolers can meet virtually any heat load.  Our closed-circuit design conserves both water and energy, and is environmentally friendly.

Evaporative Fluid Coolers
Cooling Technology evaporative fluid cooler are ideal for installations where quiet operation is required such as indoors and residential neighborhoods. With its closed-circuit design, our evaporative fluid coolers prevent scaling, corrosion and sludge formation.

Cooling Towers
Cooling towers are assembled and tested at the factory and available in a variety of configurations with a wide range of options. Cooling Technology cooling towers feature quick and easy installation.

Pump/Tank Stations
Pump and Tank stations are customized for application and location. Cooling Technology pump/tank stations are full-seam welded inside and out, and include a cover. Our chill water tanks are fully insulated with ½” closed-cell foam.

In-Line and Side-Stream Water Filters
Because water quality is critical to the successful operation of process cooling systems which are prone to capturing solid particulate from the outdoor air during the evaporation and cooling process, Cooling Technology offers a variety of water filters in a wide range of sizes and features.

Open-Loop Process Cooling Systems
Engineered for each application and comprised of a cooling tower, pump/tank station and all the necessary piping and controls, Cooling Technology’s open-loop cooling systems are the most cost-effective method for cooling chiller condenser, hydraulics or other plant-wide cooling tower requirements.

Closed-Loop Process Cooling Systems
Custom-engineered for each application, Cooling Technology closed-loop cooling systems are far and away the safest method of process cooling. Because the process water is isolated from the tower water, process equipment is completely protected from contamination. Closed-loop systems eliminate common water-related problems because—once it is initially filtered and chemically treated—the water remains pure.

Temperature Control Units
Rated for water temperatures from 32°F to 230°F, Cooling Technology temperature controllers offer today’s best value for high-quality injection molding temperature control. Our hot oil temperature controllers are available in single or dual zones and feature both heating and cooling capabilities suitable for standard operation to 400°F (205°C) with optional capabilities to 550°F.

Specialty Industry Products
From chillers that comply with rigorous food processing industry regulations to high-quality extrusion bath recirculators, Cooling Technology specialty industry products keep paces with the evolving requirements of your business.